Feasibility study of projects


Assessing the feasibility of grid-connected photovoltaic system. Wherein is included:

  • Visit on site to perform a feasibility study of the PV system.
  • Information about basic data of the PV system, including estimates of the power to be installed and annual electricity production.

IMPORTANT: For preliminary feasibility study of installation must fill our survey form.


Justification for the viability of the PV system and the data provided in the document drawn from the visit stake.

Delivery of documents drawn from the visit stake to justify the viability of the PV system, wherein is included:

  • Plano implementation of the photovoltaic field on deck.
  • Production simulation program with PVSYST (considering possible existing shadows on the photovoltaic field).
  • Budget scales (€ / Wp) of the PV system.


By investing in a photovoltaic system, is adjusting the course was sunny and independent future. The team SITECNO service offers personalized service and excellent support so you can benefit from your system during the time of operation. Whether it is a question of implementation, remote control or regular maintenance, You can count on our full support from the beginning.

For us, good service means that you can sit and relax while we get the most out of your PV system.

  • Full service for optimum performance and secure system for more than 20 older.
  • Appropriate services – combined individually according to your needs
  • Professional support experts via telephone and on site.
  • A global service network, integral with short reaction times