Control, monitoring and commissioning of plants


In Plant Control: GPM PV SCADA

GPM PV SCADA is a local solution of monitoring and management plan can act on devices, communicate with the elements and evaluate the immediate state of the plant:


  1. Viewing the status of the plant in real time (under 1 second).
  2. Monitoring and plant operation (alarms).
  3. Manager preventive and corrective maintenance plan.
  4. Dashboards easy data visualization and communication with the elements.

Key Features

gestion in situ

Setting up custom alarms:
Customize ads by low production and other alarms of interest to the specifics of your plant.

Manager preventive and corrective maintenance plan:
Plan preventive maintenance of plants and react quickly to trigger corrective maintenance to any incident.

Función Control Room:
Use the tools in an integrated manner or view information on different monitors.

Dashboards display:
Make a quick assessment of the state of the ground thanks to visual data presentation tools.

monitorización local

Viewing the data in real time:
See at a glance the past values ​​of their devices with fast views.

Alert Notification:
Receive notices device errors, communication problems or low production at the plant automatically via SMS and e-mail.

Comparison of real-time production:
Get the facts maximum production plant automatically and display the performance of different devices based on global energy.


Detailed technical configuration:
GPM SCADA is designed to respond to any specific need: calculations as, custom alarms, data read, units of measurement …

Translated and available in Spanish, English and Italian.

It can be linked to how ERP software company, CMMS to CRM.

Monitoring: GPM PV Portal

GPM PV Portal is a monitoring program that centralizes real-time production data and information on the status of all plants.

  1. Service Alarms and warnings via SMS and e-mail.
  2. Data export and reporting performance.


Key Features


Set alarms:
When data deviate from the parameters configured an alert is sent automatically via SMS and / or e-mail.

Viewing Alarms in GPM PV Portal:
In the overview of the plants a red light comes on when there is an important warning notice released.

Manage alarms relating to any combination of plant data.


Monitors in real time
all data of all devices of the plants independently.

Perform queries and data export and comparative graphs
with data that are permanently stored and updated.


With GPM PV Portal You can manage your entire portfolio of plants with one tool. We grow with you.

All your devices are monitored independently.
It is possible to incorporate new elements and monitoring plan.