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SITECNO ensures fully comprehensive after sales service.

  • Maintenance: SITECNO performs a complete and optimal maintenance of their facilities and to maximize the production of plants. This not only got extending the useful life of the facilities but losses are avoided mermen profitability. Corrective and preventive maintenance of equipment. Monitoring. Quality inspection, audits and technical reports. Review of the modules and other parts of the plant by thermal diffusion chambers high resolution for possible failure.
  • Operation and Maintenance: Overall management of the plant according to the needs. Check with the sales department any offers.
  • Warranty Extension: SITECNO offers extended warranties on their computers network connection to 5 years for you to enjoy greater peace of mind for your investment..
  • Equipment repair: Any eventuality in the operation of equipment, SITECNO has specialized in the repair shop personnel to ensure prompt and reliable solution.
  • Monitoring: By monitoring your system you can enjoy the peace of mind that your plant works properly without scrolling to check. SITECNO has different monitoring services. Please, see our catalog.
  • Monitoring assisted by technical:Lest you worry about the proper operation of your plant, a technician do it for you. And thus found anywhere, will be notified in case of a fault. Contract monitoring and assisted by technical and let your worries. See our specialized catalog.
  • Assistance work: We have a service center with the option of shift work that can solve their problems in situ. Call your technical support department to which problem, for availability and rates.
  • Technical Assistance Telefónica: This service is designed to help you resolve any difficulties that may arise. We are available Monday to Friday during office hours. Refer to the 938 482 544
  • Thermography: SITECNO reviews the modules and other parts of the plant by cameras High resolution thermal diffusion to prevent breakdowns and maximize performance. You may request an inspection of the plant by this method to solve problems or prevent future problems.


By investing in a photovoltaic system, is adjusting the course was sunny and independent future. The team SITECNO service offers personalized service and excellent support so you can benefit from your system during the time of operation. Whether it is a question of implementation, remote control or regular maintenance, You can count on our full support from the beginning.

For us, good service means that you can sit and relax while we get the most out of your PV system.

  • Full service for optimum performance and secure system for more than 20 older.
  • Appropriate services – combined individually according to your needs
  • Professional support experts via telephone and on site.
  • A global service network, integral with short reaction times