Training courses

Training courses

Photovoltaic solar energy is a renewable energy boom that has increased in recent years and one that greater local employment opportunities generated in wide range of sectors: architecture (integration and rehabilitation in buildings), engineering (mechanics, Power, electronics, industrial, civil, etc.), business facilities (electricians, communication, Safety and Security, maintenance technicians, etc. The great development achieved in technology, coupled with a sharp drop in prices, It is becoming photovoltaic energy in a fundamental part of the energy mix in which sustainable energy society based. All this justifies the need for lifelong learning and quality which will cover the demand in this new occupation.


  • Determine the integral elements of solar photovoltaic grid-connected photovoltaic systems and isolated.
  • Knowing the typical parameters that affect the design of the components of a solar photovoltaic installation of electricity generation.
  • Learning methodology sizing systems based electricity generation in photovoltaic solar modules.
  • Calculate the various components of solar PV systems: photovoltaic modules, charge controllers, Battery, Investors, cabling, electrical protection, etc.
  • Manage data tables necessary for the calculation and dimensioning of PV systems: solar radiation data, brownouts tables, selection of conductor sections, etc.
  • Knowing the maintenance necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the photovoltaic power generation systems: biannual and annual maintenance of electrical part and the support structure of solar photovoltaic modules, cleanup, etc.
  • Knowing the current technical regulations apply to photovoltaic systems and electricity generating systems.


1. Basic courses for people who are new in the field of solar photovoltaic

2. Advanced courses for professional installers.


Classroom and distance