Ekoenersol philosophy is to commercialize only with products related to renewable energy, energy savings and energy efficiency. The spirit of Ekoenersol is focused on providing solutions that contribute to the environment and sustainability through our renewable energy projects, as well as with our other pioneering projects and innovative, focused both to reduce CO2 production to minimize dependence of countries with limited sources and generally polluting energy.

Be leaders in marketing of our innovative energy products, satisfying our customers by creating an authentic relationship. Our commitment is to strengthen the need for society to preserve the environment and ensure significant cost savings.

We firmly believe in renewable energy solutions and focus on 2 main markets European and Latin American. The quality and guarantee of our products are shown with European CE certificates and Americans, RoHS and ISO, Energy Star.

Ekoenersol is a company created by a young group of professionals in different areas that enrich each of the needs of our company. The main objective of our project is to meet the needs of our customers for helping to preserve the environment.

Our products comply fully and immediately to the environment and our customers will have the satisfaction of a significant financial savings.

Innovative spirit: As a group of young entrepreneurs, we are daily monitoring everything regarding new technologies and everything that has to do with renewable resources. So we are constantly not only creating but materializing new ideas.

For the team Ekoenersol this value is very important, honesty is handled as a fundamental pillar in the relationship with our clients and within our own project. For that we have our web page and communication through social networks for any contact our customer wish to have.

Commitment starts at the core of our company until we acquire the commitment with our customers. Each of the members of this project demonstrate this commitment with a huge responsibility. We have confidence and sense of pride in what we do and where we are going to with our customers.

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