The house uses solar failing , about the energy stored in batteries, if not sufficient consume diesel generator and no network.

It is ideal for places that do not have mains, or climatic conditions do not favor and give the place of the continuous energy, carefree also unpredictable weather conditions.


ystem hybrid diesel generator, It is ideal for places that do not have mains and high fuel costs are not available to all system. Given all these circumstances Sitecno has created a solution for everyone’s pockets and is no longer a luxury.

Integration of PV systems in networks diesel offers large industries, rural communities, hotels and a way to save fuel ensuring a constant supply of power.

Kits advantages

The solar power kits SITECNO for hybrid system with diesel generator and the network are complete solutions which also provided energy in all unforeseen situations that may lead, either by time, by circumstances of outage and any situation.
It is a solution for saving your energy and fuel costs.

The kit contains:

>Photovoltaic panels
>PV Inverters
>Pair MC4 Solar Connector.
>15m de cable CC
>5m de cable CA
>Monitoring system
>Installation Guide
>Diesel generator controller

Kits advantages

>Photovoltaic kit and all its components involve a unique order reference, generating savings in procurement logistics.
>Minimum maintenance of the solar system, reliability and ease of installation.
Possibility of remote site monitoring and storage of historical data (on request).
>Possibility of dimensioning references Kits
phase configuration for (on request)

System Operation

1. Location consume the energy produced by the photovoltaic modules.

2. when the energy produced by photovoltaic modules is not sufficient or are the night hours, obitiene place the stored energy in batteries.

3. in case the energy produced by modules stored in the batteries is not enough, site energy consumption of the network and also feeds the storage batteries.

4. the system when it detects power shortage in all of the above plus there outage on the network, place consumes energy from the generator diesel.