Solar panels

SITECNO Solar panels are synonymous of quality, durability and most important performance. Our experience, research capacity, development and continuous improvement has made us a recognized company in the sector by the high value we offer to our customers. Both hollow aluminum frame and solar glass special 4mm (the solar module has standard 3.2mm), los paneles SITECNO satisfacen las máximas exigencias en cuanto a la estabilidad y resistencia a la corrosión.
Thanks to its high performance, están preparados para los cambios en la legislación.
These panels produce more than 5% any of the same characteristics modules.

The product warranty 12 years exceeds the statutory warranty by law. The performance guarantee is 25 years : after 12 years , modules still produce a minimum of 90% of its rated power, after 30 years the modules still produce a minimum of 80% of its rated power.


Models of solar panels

# Monocrystalline ESP ENG
1 SI-36M95 a SI-36M105 icon icon
2 SI-48M220 a SI-48M230 icon icon
3 SI-48MN215 a SI-48MN230 icon icon
4 SI-60M260 a SI-60M290 icon icon
5 SI-60MN275 a SI-60MN285 icon icon
6 SI-60MP280 a SI-60MP295 icon icon
7 SI-72M305 a SI-72M325 icon icon
# polycrystalline ESP ENG
1  SI-36P135 a SI-36P150 icon icon
2  SI-48P195 a SI-48P210 icon icon
3  SI-60P245 a SI-60P265 icon icon
4  SI-60PS250 a SI-60PS265 icon icon
5  SI-72P295 a SI-72P315 icon icon